About SiMPNiC

The brand name SiMPNiC is originated from the concept of “simple” and “technology”, aiming to simplify the complexities both in the smart home IoT technology and in every sphere of life. At the same time, it leverages the homophony from “symphony”, hoping to assist the users in building a smart and comfortable living environment and gracefully controlling all types of connected devices with SiMPNiC’s solutions like conducting a symphony.

SiMPNiC is powered by innovation and is dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge solutions to meet growing demands for smart living. By offering a full range of IoT solutions to comfort, security, safety and well-being applications with integrations of Z-Wave/WiFi protocols and Google Assistant, SiMPNiC’s solutions ensure most interoperability, scalability, and stability. 

SiMPNiC offers a full range of IoT solutions ranging from comfort, security, safety, and well-being applications. Via SiMPNiC’s professional and approachable IoT integrated solutions, users are able to enjoy simpler and more comfortable life in a cost-effective way. SiMPNiC assists every user in fulfilling his/her dreams in building a smart and simple living environment with the bonds of love.