“Simplicity is the soul of wisdom.”

SiMPNiC is inspired and created by our vision.

At SiMPNiC, we strive to make the world a simple lifestyle and sustainable through the Co-Creation with our users, friends, fans, critics. Our objective is to improve the lives of billions and work for people who share the same vision and passion. TOGETHER, little by little, we will help and improve everyone’s lifestyle and living standard which everyone all deserves it.

Our Work

SiMPNiC Home Kit provides a complete yet affordable Eco-System for Smart Home freshmen. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on comparing and buying additional expensive appliances. Upgrade your home,  just by one kit from SiMPNiC.


At SiMPNiC, it is a one-stop solution provider, trusted leader and expert of smart home & light building automation solutions & products in Asia. Our products are encrypted and no personal data is required, NO back-door…


At SiMPNiC, to acquire, upgrade and deliver affordable and advanced digital technologies to our distributors, value-added resellers and customer to support their business productivity and improve the way of life.


At SiMPNiC, we’re dedicated to ensuring you access the smart home in a simple and intuitive way, have total peace of mind & balance when it comes to your privacy and smart home. We commit to pursue excellence; be creditable and gain the trust of our customers; to customize SiMPNiC solution for your convenience by co-creativity at our best; to give you the control over keeping your love ones and premises safe and smart; to be able to effectively & efficiently communicate with you to understand your needs. These are simple & important matters that are focused to serve everyone with the utmost integrity and quality.