SiMPNiC UVC-200 Sterilizer Big Box

Space is never enough.

SiMPNiC UVC-200 Sterilizer Big Box,
now comes just in time.

Effective, safe, and healthy. SiMPNiC UVC-200 Box gives you a bigger capacity and is able to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria in daily life.

UV-C tube x 2 –> Effectiveness x 2

SiMPNiC Effective UVC technology.

The ultraviolet (UV-C*) has been proven and recognized for sterilizing effects against germs & viruses. The sterilization ability has been confirmed by the SGS**.

*Use 253.7 nm UV-C, which has the strongest bactericidal effect among ultraviolet rays.
**Tested and proved by SGS that 99% or more of bacteria and viruses such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus can be eradicated by using for 10 minutes.

Complete sterilization in 10 minutes

  1. Place the contents in the box and close the lid.
  2. Press the Power button, (the display panel would show 10:00 minutes and counting).
  3. The sterilizer box would sound once the cycle is completed.

*The surface of the content must be exposed under UV-C light for more than 5 minutes to achieve maximum effectiveness.


SiMPNiC UV-C Sterilizer Big Box (UVC-200)
Battery:18650(rechargeable Li-battery)
Power:4W max.
Input:5VDC / 1A (Type-C USB)
UV-C Wavelength:253nm
Operation temperature:0°C-45°C
Dimension:23 x 16 x 14.2cm

*Please DO NOT expose under the UV-C light or eye contact

*Please DO NOT be reached or accessed by children