SiMP Remote

Powerful Multi Remote Control

Annoyed by different remote controls? Can’t find the right one? Now, you can throw them all away. Introduce SiMP Remote, a simple, clever device to integrate all your remote controls into one. You can use it to control your air conditioner, television…etc.

You can find most major brands in SiMPNiC App, and only use your smartphone to control many of your appliances. There is even a “Learn Mode” to customize your remote control into the App. It’s just that easy.

Control Your Home with a Shout

When your hands are busy with something and you don’t want to put it down,  just shout to ask your Google Assistant to control your home. We make SiMP Remote work with Google Assistant and it’s easier to get things done by saying.


SiMP Remote (IRB-01-SW)
IR control distance up to 7m
IR frequency:  38 – 56KHz
Built-in temperature & humidity sensor
Input: 5V 1A (Micro-USB Adapter)
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Environment:  0 – 40°C (in-house use only)
Size: 73mm x 32mm
Weight: 100g

*SiMP Remote can only work with SiMP Keeper. Please make sure you already have SiMP Keeper. Otherwise SiMP Remote can’t work.