SiMP Contact Sensor

Compact, small, and easy to install.

SiMP Contact Sensor can simply be installed  on your window or doors. When you’re away from home, turn it on to send notifications when there is an invasion.

Protect anything you don’t want others to open.

For example, the drawer in which medicine kids may access. Or put it on a pet food container if you don’t want them eat too much.


SiMP Contact Sensor (SDW-01-SW)
Open/Close Status Notification
Input: AAA Battery (1.5V) x 2
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Environment:  0 – 40°C (in-house use only)
Size: 79mm x 29mm x 20mm(Sensor)/
45mm x 12mm x 21mm(Magnet)
Weight: 57g (incl. Batteries & Magnet)

*SiMP Contact Sensor can only work with SiMPNiC SiMP Keeper. Please make sure you already have SiMPNiC SiMP Keeper. Otherwise SiMP Contact Sensor can’t work.