Project Description

SiMPNiC Smart 10-Years Smoke Detector

Your safety is essential

SiMPNiC’s SMK-10-SW is a 3V lithium powered, IR spectrumic smoke detector with a detachable wireless communicator. It is intended for use with any SiMPNiC keeper for residential installations.


The SiMPNiC Smart Smoke Detector combines online connectivity with the solid industry standards for safety and security. This IR spectrumic smoke detector can send notifications to you iPhone or Android smart phone in the event of a smoke emergency. This smart alarm also features 10-years sealed battery to ensure un interrupted protection with NO NEED to replace batteries over its life of the alarm.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity to SiMPNiC smart home ecosystem for unparalleled protection
  • 10-Year sealed battery for continuous protection
  • Instant alarm announces in the event of the smoke
  • One-click simple connectivity and alarm tests
  • Battery low alart and LED indication
  • Detachable Wi-Fi communication base for quick and easy batteries replacement
  • EN14604 certified
  • No hardwiring to AC power required


The Smoke Detector:

  • Smoke Sensor Type: IR spectrumic detection
  • Alarm Audibility: >85 dB / 3m
  • Alarm Mode: LED & Audio buzzer
  • Power: CR123A battery, sealed in the smoke detector
  • Standby/Alarm current: < 12uA / < 35mA
  • Test or Reset button

The Communication Base:

  • Battery for communication base: 2 pcs x AA replaceable batteries
  • Test or Reset button
  • Network Interface: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, IEEE802.11 b/g/n
  • Compatibility: Apple iOS and Google Android

The whole set:

  • In-door use only
  • Battery low alert and LED indication
  • Push Notification to smart phone
  • Dimension: Ø110mm x 57mm (H)
  • Weight: approx. 215 g
  • Conformance: CE EN-14604, RoHS, 94-V0

* The specifications, features and contents in this document are subject to change without notice.