Dear Valued Customer,


Due to the improvement of mobile operating system, privacy rights and optimization of our services, SiMPNiC App will no longer support further updates for operating systems of iOS 10 and Android 5 (and below) after February 2022.


After the EOS (End of Support) date, iOS 10 & Android 5 users will be able to continue to use any previously downloaded versions of the apps on devices running iOS 10 & Android 5. However, the SiMPNiC team will not be releasing bug or crash fixes for these unsupported versions. These users will not be able to install new versions of the apps until they update their device. To continue receiving the latest version and stay up to date, please update your mobile operating system to the latest version.


In addition, in order to optimize app function and user experience, please check the firmware version of your SiMPNiC Keeper and make sure whether it has been upgraded to the following versions:

SiMPNiC Keeper (Model: S1 series), Firmware Version ≧1.02.15

SiMPNiC Keeper (Model: M1), Firmware Version ≧1.02.15

Room Keeper (Model: R1), Firmware Version ≧1.02.05


  • How to check Firmware version:
  1. Open the SiMPNiC App.
  2. Find your Keeper and device information.
  3. Check the Firmware version of your Keeper.

SiMPNiC Keeper: Home》Device list

Room Keeper: Home》Device list》Select at top-right corner