CTS Launching New IoT Brand SiMPNiC and IoT Lab to Further Deploy Total Solution

CTS Launching New IoT Brand SiMPNiC and IoT Lab to Further Deploy Total Solution

Aiming to simplify the complexities both in smart home IoT technology and every sphere of life, SiMPNiC is dedicated to providing most cutting-edge solutions to meet growing demands for smart living. By offering a full range of IoT solutions to comfort, security, safety and well-being applications with integrations of Z-Wave protocol and Google Assistant, SiMPNiC’s solutions ensure most interoperability, scalability and stability.

Based on early deployment in Europe, CTS further started the IoT business in 2014. Antony Chen, President & Founder of CTS, believed platform integration is the key to the market. “Facing the rapid evolvement in IoT era, we must change the original concept of production and supply chain,” said Chen, “To differentiate CTS from numerous connected product providers, ‘Product is Service’ will be our business model.”

Chen noticed that only a few smart sensor and app providers are willing to conduct thorough tests for their product interoperability, performance and application in various environments, which becomes a flaw of IoT ecosystem. To cope with the weakness, CTS has developed its own IoT Lab in 2017, effectively selecting products and solutions in customized user environment through multiple tests, reducing the time for its clients whilst equipping all key elements to enter the market. Moreover, CTS offers open APIs, and customized APPs to help reduce the developing cost for its clients who plan to implement IoT solutions quickly and effectively.

“System Integrators who plan to tap into loT market or adopt loT deployments in their living areas are in need of an integrated and cost-effective solution to shorten time-to-market,” said Jack Tsai, Director of loT Business Unit. “To meet their demands, SiMPNiC aims to enable quick implementation, ensure full interoperability and ensure ultimate peace of mind to users.”

During CES 2018, SiMPNiC revealed a brand-new multi-service IoT gateway, S1, which is a Z-Wave Plus certified open-platform with lightweight and sleek design, enabling configuration back-up with micro SD card, provides installers and users with considerable convenience and flexibility. “We will remain the open structure and customizable selections for our users so that our platform can meet the different requirements of various IoT services and provide handy solutions in hardware and software,” explained Chen.

CTS is looking forward to discovering more undisclosed application cases in IoT and the growing demand for integrated platform service around the world.


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