10 Innovative Smart Devices Using the Z-Wave Protocol

10 Innovative Smart Devices Using the Z-Wave Protocol

The S1 gateway is the central command of the IoT solution launched by SiMPNiC, a sub-brand of Connection Technology Systems Inc. (CTS). The gateway uses the Z-Wave protocol to connect to different kind of sensors for different purposes. It connects to 6-in-1 sensor (for motion, humidity, vibration, UV, illumination and temperature detection), for example, to assist with home automation, intrusion detection and home environment monitoring.

SiMPNiC said the gateway is “open but secure.” The open platform makes the gateway’s API available and integration with clients’ back-end systems can be completed easily. The gateways also features “edge security.” All the data going in and coming out the gateway are encrypted, to ensure that only authorized users have access to the home network.


Source: https://mysmahome.com/feature/44884/10-innovative-smart-devices-using-the-z-wave-protocol/

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